LLB ( Bachellor of Law and Political Sc.)

The Faculty of Law and Political Science is determined to provide committed, professional and creative staff to society, in the political and legal field through providing quality practical, theoretical, scientific services and research in order to improve the knowledge and resolution of legal, judicial and political conflicts.
The Faculty of Law and Political Science as a leading standard theoretical and practical education and scientific research institution by providing the best services in the field of legal and political science, is committed to train, professional and qualified personnel committed to the region, country and society, and perform fundamental activity for the rule of law in the country.
The faculty of Law and Political Science was establish at Pamir Institute of Higher Education in 2012.It is also one of the most demanding faculty in Khost Province. The Faculty of Law and Political Science was established in 2002, including 71 male and female students, as an academic and specialized faculty for promotion the culture of law, jurisdiction and civility of experts (lawyers, politicians, judges, attorney generals, attorneys, and public service experts). Students of this faculty should take 8 semesters (4 years) for a bachelor degree. The faculty is consists of the following two departments: Judiciary and prosecution and Administration and Diplomacy Students of the Faculty of Law and Political Science are categorized after completing 4 semester. The fields in the faculty include the Attorney-General and Diplomacy. In addition to the above departments, students are also available short courses in the relevant field as well as legal clinic.