Chancellor Message

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you to the first officially recognized and registered university (Pamir Institute of Higher Education (PIHE) in the southeast provinces of Afghanistan. It is an independent institution established in Khost province in 2011 dedicated to the training and development of local and foreign students. Our aim is to encourage and inspire learners who are keen on gaining knowledge in internationally recognized university programs, leading to Bachelor degrees (4-year) in the faculties of Business Administration (BBA), Computer Science (BCS), Law & Pol. Sc. and Languages and Literature, English Department (BEL). The main objective of PIHE is that we offer modern and functional promises to our students and provide services to our Afghan community and nation. Moreover, our Afghan staff promotes open discussion with students and outdoor customers. Furthermore, their vast experience will couple with their multicultural background; provide best business students with important insights into national and global economic system and practices in various management cultures around the world. As the founder and chancellor of Pamir Institute of Higher Education, it is my pleasure to express our deepest and sincere appreciation in our close collaboration with PIHE.

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