V.C (Stud.) Message

This is my pleasure to express my honors to all students as well as administration of PIHE.As you know that this strata (students) is one the key element for university along with lecturers, I am glad to carrying out this important responsibility.I promise that I will try my best on how to manage and develop this line until I and my students kick the goal. As you know that starting every project has a particular goal, all students have the responsibility to select their goal and select the relevant faculty with most care before admitting to university.When selection is done with care, they should organize a regular plan and timeline how to fulfil and achieve the goal they selected. If all students carry out and undertake the responsibility regularly, I am sure the can get whatever they expect.As I vice chancellor for student’s affairs, again I promise that I will do whatever I can for students not considering the race, ethic, religion and relation and I hope I carry out my responsibility according to rules of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan as well as rules of Pamir Institute of Higher Education.At the end I wish best of luck and a bright future to all my dear students wherever they are.

Saeed Ahmad Saeedy
Vice chancellor for students’ affairs
Mob. 0093(0)779063384
Email: v.c_student’s affairs@pamir.edu.af
    CC:- pamirinstitute.khost@yahoo.com