V.C (Acad.) message

I am pleased to have the opportunity to express my sincre appreciation about PIHE. PIHE is one of the candles of education in Khost Province. As you know that knowledge is one of the vital need of life all over the world, we all should sharely be engaged in this process till our last day of life. PIHE is going to make new paths towards gaining knowledge and we all should follow them. The management of PIHE is working on standards how to bring facilities inside PIHE. Besides, PIHE is focusing on improving the quality of teaching, strengthening student services, and upgrading the institute infrastructures. We have forged unprecedented levels of collaboration and partnership with the national and international institutions as part of our overall internationalization efforts. At the end, I want to congratulate this new innovation and great pride of knowledge to people of Khost Province and highly request them to get maximum advantage of this candle.

Nazifullah Nazifullah
Vice chancellor PIHE
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Email:- v.chancellor@pamir.edu.af
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