Diploma in English Language

DEL (Diploma in English Language) DEL is a 9-month (divided into 3 semesters) program of English language in order to get a Diploma in English Language. Students who want to get job should have somewhat English skills, because nowadays English is used in every organization and office. As DEL is part of BEL, students successively completing DEL program, can easily get job at any office. DEL is not related to the MoHE of Afghanistan. After completing DEL, he deserves to get diploma from the nominated university. Duration of DEL is nine months consisted of 3 semesters containing the following program. This program contains four modules (grammar, reading, listening and writing) which are fit in 3 semesters. Students who wish to attend the diploma program do not need to take the concourse examination. They should only be interviewed for English efficiency. Passing the interview successfully, they can admit to the related program.