Diploma in Bussiness Administration

DBA is a part of BBA. Anyone who doesn’t have enough time to join BBA or can’t afford the 4-year duration of BBA can test himself and admit DBA which only takes about 1 year. DBA is necessary for students desire to have information about business and management. Management is the base to have normal and organized life and is very important in every aspect. Management shows how to plan, organize, control, coordinate, lead and run your life and duties in a smooth way. The in-charge and leader of family, the chief of administration, a doctor in hospital, an engineer at work, a shopkeeper in shop and even a farmer in fields should have somewhat managerial skills. DBA contains the same subjects which are taught during the first year of BBA. DBA is not related to the MoHE of Afghanistan. After completing DBA, he deserves to get diploma from the nominated university. DBA is consisted of 2 semesters.