Bachelor of Computer Science

Computer Science Faculty at Pamir Institute of Higher Education will provide the best services and qualified experienced professional staff to the society in the field of international technology on the basis of modern information technology.
Computer Science Faculty at Pamir Institute of Higher Education, as a scientific institution, trains high-quality human capital according to national and international standards in the field of information technology and provides excellent services and graduates for the best service to society.
Faculty of BCS is one of the most significant and necessary faculties all over the world. Nowadays, almost every system is computerized in the world. The whole world is impressed of the information technology. The program of BCS is designed how to solve your problems through computer and on line system. At present, the whole world is inter-connected with each other. Every organization uses computers even a small shop uses it due to its soft facilities. Currently Afghanistan is also stepping into information technology; therefore, everyone should try to take part in information technology. Students who wish to attend the bachelor program (BCS) must have passed 10+2 class or its equivalent. Their 12th class certificate must have been issued from a recognized board of the country. Students having obtained 12th class certificate in abroad should first step into verification of their documents from the relevant sources as well as MoE of Afghanistan. Duration The total duration of BCS faculty is about 4 years consisted of 8 semesters. Each semester is completed in about 4-5 months which is divided into two terms. Completing two months by covering 24 credit hours, students should take their mid-term exam. The second term is also containing about two months by covering about 24 credit hours. All the next semesters are followed according to the above system. The administration always has the right to change the lesson, exams and holidays system due to change in its policy. It is a credit system containing the following 44 subjects.