The total duration of BBA, BCS,LLB and BEl faculty is about 4 years consisted of 8 semesters. Each semester is completed in about five months which is divided into two terms. Completing 8 weeks by covering 50% credit hours, students should take their mid-term exams. The second term is also containing two and half months by covering 8 weeks plus 15 days exams. All the next semesters are followed according to the above system. The administration always has the right to change the lesson, exams and holidays system due to change its policy.

په پامير لوړو زده کړو مؤسسه کې د اقتصاد، کمپيوټرساينس، حقوق او انګليسيادبياتو د ليسانس دوره څلور کلنه دوره ده جې په اتو سمسترونو ويشلشوي ده.
هر سمستر د څلور نيمو څخه تر پنځو مياشتو پورې وخت نيسي.
هر اته هفتې وروسته ۲۰ فيصده ټسټ او شپاړس هفتې وروسته آخري ازموينه اخيستل کيږي