Pamir University

Today is: 23-Jun-2021

Contact Us

Bellow is the table consisted of contact numbers of Pamir staff along with their mobile numbers. Anyone you talk with welcomes you all.

This is only testing, all other members and numbers will be listed soon. Please be petient...

SNo Name Position Mobile#
1 Mr. Nekmal Chancellor 0799 137022 0777 661817
2 Mr. Nazifullah Nazif Vice chancellor academic affairs 0799 454590 0779 454590 0784 545490
3 Mr. Atiqullah V.chancellor Admin 0770095295
4 Mr. Saeed Ahmad Affairs V.C. Stud. Affairs 0770095295
5 Mr. Ibrahim Quality assurance head 0779866108
6 Mr. Noman Admin 0773643738
7 Mr. Nasratuulah Finance 0777223344
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