Fee Structure

Students attending the bachelor programs should first have to pay Af.500 for getting the card and other forms necessary for concourse examination. After passing the concourse exam, admition fee is exempted to all students. In addition, the payment per one semester is 18000Afs. for BBA and BCS faculties. But fee for LLB and BEL faculties are somewhat less than other faculties. Fee for LLB and BEL faculties is 15000 Afs. per semester. Students are optional to pay for the whole semester at once or divide them into 2 or 3 installments. Even students are allowed to pay for the whole four years. The office always has the right to change the fee structure according the change in its policy and the rules of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan.

د ثبت نوم فورم او د محصل تعهد نامه

ټول ګران شاګردان کولای شي چې د ثبت نام فورم او د محصل تعهد نامه له دې څای څخه کاپي او د ډکولو وروسته يي محصلانو چارو معاونيت ته وسپاري