Initial stage of Internship started for LLB students.

Students of 4th class of LLB faculty started their practical work by obtaining initial information on how to make a file for criminals in 3 different steps. In Feb. 2017, Mr. Nabi Zabi, one of the persecutors of Khost surveillance was invited to this class as a visitor lecturer for two day in order to give initial information about how to make a file. The second stage, the whole class headed by lecturer Mr. Amir Baheer went to Khost surveillance department for how to proceed a particular case. At the third stage, the whole class was invited to Khost Court Dept. where they found the result of the first stage.
The administration of PIHE mostly appreciates these new steps highly thanks of the these department for providing facilities for their students.
Meanwhile, PIHE is always trying its best for preparing facilities for their students and always wish their students the best of luck in their future.

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