Students applying to PIHE should have to take concourse admission form, prospectus and concourse card by paying 500 Afg. and submit 5 copy of fresh photo in hard copy, a copy of 12th class certificate and a copy NIC (Tazkira). These students will have to verify their 12th class graduation by carrying this form to their related education department in order to be stamped. After passing the concourse examination, students who are eligible for admission should offer full information by filling out the forms provided by the office and present the following documents to the office:

                          د کانکور ثبت نام لپاره لاندې اسناد له څان سره راوړئ.


  • Photo copy of (NIC) national identity card (Tazkera)        .د تذکرې قوټوکاپي 
  • Photo copy of 12th class certificate.                  د دوولسم ټولکي شهادتنامي کاپي 
  • Photo copy of 10th, 11th and 12th class transcripts           .د اطلاعنامې کاپي    
  • 6 copy of  passport size fresh photos.                                شپږ قطعې عکسونه
  • 1 copy of fresh photo in soft                                    یو عکس په سافټ (فلش) کې

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