Our Vision

Institute of Higher Education tries to bring about fundamental changes in the higher education system and provide better training to educated people who will play an important role in the development of economic situation in the country and improve other aspects of life as well. We also aim to train students in the respective specialties both theoretically and practically.

Moreover, our vision is to establish a high quality academic, nonpolitical, free from any kind of racism based on world class scientific and academic standards, equipped with modern technology, internationally recognized and affiliated with other scientific and academic institutions and universities around the country and world. Furthermore, Pamir Institute of Higher Education intends to enhance its role as a supporting source for other governmental and private sector in areas such as training of computer skills, foreign language (English), and occupational skills as well, like accounting, management, business, banking, law and political sciences, Journalism and more. Pamir Institute of Higher Education also intends to make facilities to enroll female students considering the environment and situation for their education needs.

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