Our Mission


The mission of Pamir Institute of Higher Education is to educate and train ethic and disciplined high school graduates (male, female) who are capable of gaining knowledge to Afghanistan’s social, economic, cultural and historic values to contribute to the creation and application of knowledge and considering the social, cultural and Islamic values of the country. Our primary responsibility is to preserve, create and transmit education to our students in various fields such as, business administration, computer science, English language and literature, law and political sciences and more in the future. Our Islamic values and those of other faiths, cultures enrich the academic and social experiences of our students and staff. Pamir Institute of Higher Education will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity and nationality. Pamir University aims to enrich the quality of higher education in world-class standards to graduate effective employees to serve Afghans according to the needs of our country and also to have educational communication and partnership with other national and international private and government universities. Modern library, research center and connection to the net system are essential steps toward development. Pamir Institute of Higher Education is eager to attract students from all over the country; and foreign students as well if they meet the conditions set up by the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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